About company

Improvado’s Mission & Product
Improvado is committed to a vision of minimizing transaction costs for people to get business answers. Today, data lives in many different siloes and business users need to rely on scarce technical resources in order to get the answers they need to do their job effectively. Improvado is changing that.

Our product is an Enterprise Platform for Marketers, Data Analysts, and Strategists that allows you to easily aggregate data from 250+ marketing platforms like Google, Facebook, Programmatic Media, into one place. We automate up to 90% of manual work related to reporting and 1.5 Billion records a day pass through Improvado’s Platform; Improvado’s ability to process high amounts of data at high speeds enables us to help Enterprise Brands more than anyone in the market. Some of our clients are Mattel, ATB Financial, Illy Cafe, Monster Energy, L’Oreal, HIMS, and the list goes on.

Our Culture

At Improvado, we are extremely curious, open, and hard-working. We value diversified experience and opinion and we know that that makes us greater than the sum of our parts. We are looking for great people who want to grow and develop fast, personally and professionally, and Improvado offers that collaborative high-growth environment. Our HQ is in San Francisco with offices globally.

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