About company

OneMarketData is continuously searching for bright talent with the skills to make an impact. From developers to data scientists, at OneTick you will have the opportunity to develop and enhance your problem-solving skills using a combination of analytics, imagination, and talent. You will be working on the tasks to develop and maintain projects based on Django with different APIs and integrations that are designed to work with our main products. One of our main products is Trade Surveillance — software for monitoring the activities of a trading firm and its customers to detect illegal and unethical trading practices including market manipulation, fraud, money laundering, insider trading, speculation, and unsuitable investments.

You will have to closely work with the product owners, developers, and customers in order to adjust and develop complementary products properly. Your work will include designing new features requested by customers and identified as strategic product improvements by the business product owners, and support of the existing functionality.

Job openings
Full stack Django Developer (3-6 years of experience)
  • OneMarketData

  • 1500 - 1500 $ / month