About company

Our game Taonga: the Island Farm was released in 2016. The core gameplay involves travelling across islands and experiencing adventures on them. Players also have their own island — farm, where they prepare resources and set up rewards.

The game boasts over a hundred distinct features and more than a hundred thousand in-game entities. Every two weeks, we release new content, and every two months, we hold major gaming events. We continually add new gaming mechanics and their variations, update technical solutions, improve interfaces and balance.

We have a thin client involving a highly complex client-server interaction. All the game logic happens server-side. We strive to use the latest technologies and modern approaches in development. Currently, as part of our global strategy, we are transitioning our game server to Rust. Changing technologies is an opportunity for us to reevaluate and enhance previous solutions. New features are written directly in Rust.

Job openings
Senior Backend Developer (Rust) (6-9 years of experience)

  • 5000 - 5000 € / month