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TOPIC Embedded Systems is a system developer with its office in Best. We develop embedded systems essential to many products manufactured by reputable high tech companies worldwide. These may include low level embedded software, but also application software, user interfaces, web or mobile applications or FPGAs. With our knowledge and expertise we carry out consultancy assignments, projects on site and at TOPIC’s own offices and we develop our own embedded products such as Miami, Florida and Dyplo. We often use these as part of the solution that we offer to our clients.

In short, we are able to provide a highly specialised added value that allows our clients to grow. This has been our objective from the start in 1996 and since then our company has grown to 175 employees. TOPIC is a key player in the high tech sector. Plus, we are at the heart of Brainport and close to the universities: at the global top. We are the place to be.

We value the personal touch and are driven in our client approach. Their ambitions become our ambitions. And it is that same personal approach in which our staff interacts among each other. We coach each other and get our kicks from the amazing projects we do. That’s why so many specialists feel at home at TOPIC where they can continue to develop themselves. We provide strong individual coaching and our goal is to always offer plenty of room for development, both technically and personally. Because in the end, their growth allows us and our clients to grow too.

Our clients are high tech companies that develop products and systems which heavily rely on embedded systems. We support our clients throughout the development process of both embedded software and digital hardware, including test, integration and configuration management. Our scope of application is wide: Cure & Care, Imaging & Control, Mobility & Infrastructure, Transport & Logistics, Aerospace and Research.

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TOPIC Embedded Systems
Senior Software Engineer (C++ / Inhouse Projects) (3-6 years of experience)
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