Blue Harvest

About company

Blue Harvest is a rapidly growing international software consultancy company that strives to provide first-rate polyglot engineers with both technical abilities and soft skills. This helps maximise value to our customers in the financial services sector and beyond.

To bring further value, we build reusable accelerators, develop innovative blueprints, and explore alternative business models.

How do we do all this? It's simple - we value people and their growth. We've built a culture with a high bar of engineering and emotional intelligence standards, populated our family with diverse, talented, fun people from all over the globe, and continue to drive their self-development every week with our Blue Harvest Friday model. Development paths are self-determined within a mentor-led environment to support and guide these growth opportunities.

This approach helps us gain, train, and retain the world's best software, cloud, DevOps, data, and API experts.

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