About company


Our main language is Rust and we have a few legacy NodeJS (Typescript & Javascript) servers. All our services run in Dockers hosted in the Cloud, and we are working to be compatible with different providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.). We develop using the Agile process with the help of Github and Notion for ticket management. We follow Google coding best practices (Mono-repo, micro-services, etc). You don’t need to know how to use Rust, but only the willingness to learn it!

If you want to apply in freelance you can!

We are looking for someone tenacious & quick-learner, to learn and use these various technologies (no pre-requisite required). Here is a few of them:

  • Rust
  • PostgreSQL
  • gRPC
  • Docker
  • NodeJS (Typescript & Javascript)
  • Parallel computing
  • Git
  • Debian



  • Coding new integrations (Scrapers, File parsing, API branching, etc) and improving existing ones
  • Coding and improving integration-focused libraries


  • Fixing integrations (SIT)
  • Updating partner technical configuration 
  • Owning integrations as tech referee for other teams/partners

Thanks to these two missions you will be able to develop your communication skills and your business sense.


Tackling an international market in a fast growing startup, you’ll have three main challenges:

  • Complexity: Stockly connects hundreds of e-commerces with a wide variety of technical systems
  • Performance: We are committed to work only with top performers, you’ll be offered challenging objectives
  • Scalability: Being focus of growth, we require that published code still work with ten times more volume

Your qualification

You see yourself in the following:

  • You are a smart & quick learner
  • You love learning from others and humbly sharing knowledge with them
  • You are hard working and have a hands-on mindset
  • You are autonomous
  • You are well-organized & efficient
  • You pay attention to details
  • You come from a top engineering school or a good technical start-up
  • You love math and logic
  • You can speak English

What we offer

  • Competitive packages: for this position, package range is typically 48k - 100k € depending on the profile (e.g. basic knowledge to expert). We have a well defined and objective salary grid that is based on both skills level and scarcity of profiles
  • BSPCE for everyone (for permanent contracts)
  • Health insurance provided by Alan
  • Meal vouchers by Swile
  • 50% reimbursement of your Navigo Pass
  • A central and amazing working environment in le Sentier (Paris)
  • Flexible and remote-friendly policy
  • Stockly dinners together every other Thursday
  • Coffee, tea and fruits available everyday
  • Climbing & football team 

Additional details

How we work

  • Every team has a daily meeting
  • Every Monday after lunch we have a weekly meeting where every team can share what they did the previous week and what they will do for the coming week
  • Every quarter we have our OKR meeting where every team can show how they worked on their OKR and what will be their next OKR
  • During all these meetings everyone can challenge each other

Recruitment process

Our process goes fast, we are reactive and we adapt to your availabilities, we can typically go through the whole process in 2-3 weeks:

  • 20min video-call with a member of our Talent Acquisition team - To understand your background and motivations, and reply to your questions
  • 45min entry-test to be sent by email - You will have some time to do it at home
  • 1-hour face to face(or remote) interview with our Team Leader - To have a deeper discussion
  • Half-a-day immersion at Stockly to meet all the team (on site or in remote) - Meet the team, put yourself in the shoes of a Stockler, ask all your questions
  • Reference checks - Quick reference calls with contacts you would provide us
  • Final offer 

Part of the process can be done remotely if you have constraints

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