About company

Industry leader in Embedded Streaming/Voice Assistant SDK:
We enable products of our OEM customers to stream audio & video, connect them through Google Chromecast built-in, Google Voice Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Airplay, music services (such as iTunes, Google Play, youtube music, SiriusXM, TIDAL, Spotify connect, amazon music…) and many other platforms and voice/audio services incl. various Smart Home protocol stacks.

StreamSDK is customizable set of software components, and the versatile and flexible Stream HW modules give the ideal base for next generation connected products (Voice Control, Audio, Smart Home, IoT). Control can be done via voice, local keys, remote control, smartphone apps or the web UI. Our modules come with multi-room and multi-channel features, using standard network connection.

  • StreamSDK: A customizable set of SW components for the implementation of streaming media clients and/or extending existing platforms with streaming functionality (hardware and audio standard independent)
  • Stream HW Modules: Versatile and flexible modules as a basis for next generation connected products from premium to low cost solutions
  • StreamCloud: Corresponding cloud services for updates, authentication, analytics, service/feature enablement etc.

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