DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer
  • 3 вакансий

Required experience

3 - 6 лет

Job opening

Middle DevOps DevOps


€ 2300/m - 2900/m

Job description


  • Design and support of server and network infrastructure for our projects. Mainly AWS services in several regions of the world, partly high-performance services on dedicated GPU/CPU servers.

  • System performance analysis, system security, identifying potential risks and implementing measures to minimise vulnerabilities.

  • Designing and supporting network devices to ensure seamless operation of our services at clients’ production facilities.

  • Designing and supporting CI/CD pipelines, databases, access management.

  • Documenting the architecture of implemented solutions.

We expect you to

  • Have Production experience designing and supporting high performance and fault tolerant applications of cloud providers (preferably AWS).

  • Have Production experience with Docker on Linux.

  • Familiar with protocols used in modern web (TCP/UDP, QUIC, HTTP2, Websockets, gRPC).

  • Have experience in building CI/CD.

  • You are able to work in a team.

  • Have completed higher technical education (IT, physics/mathematics, engineering, or related field).

Will be a plus:

  • Experience working on highly loaded projects.

  • Experience configuring and supporting Windows servers.

  • Experience with multimedia streaming (WebRTC).

  • Proficiency in English (products are created for clients from around the world).


  • Registration in accordance with the norms of the Labour Code, all wages are fully official (“white”).

  • Flexible work schedule (starting from 8.00 to 11.00), work in the office, 15-20 minutes on foot (5-10 minutes on free shuttles) from the metro (m. Sportivnaya or m. Kievskaya).

  • One day a week is allowed to work remotely (the exact day of the week is agreed within the project team).

  • In the office there is coffee, tea and food in the fridge.

After passing the probationary period:

  • Relocation is possible.

  • Volumetric package of VHI services including dentistry.

  • Payment of overtime. We are convinced that quality and timely rest is an important condition for effective work; but if you choose to work overtime - it will be paid at an increased rate.

  • Partial (50%) payment for sports (fitness).

  • Opportunity to attend specialised courses at the company’s expense.

  • Paid corporate holidays (fully for employees and partially for their family members). It is an accepted tradition when the whole company goes on holiday. The decision on the corporate holiday is made by the company’s Board of Directors. Employee participation is possible with 1 year of work experience in the company after successful completion of the probation period or by decision of the board of directors.

  • Bonuses from the sales of the product(s), linked to the commercial success of performance, for employees with 3 years or more of service with the company.

  • AWS
  • Docker
  • CI/CD
  • HTTP
  • WebSockets
AWS Docker CI/CD HTTP WebSockets