Senior DevOps Engineer (AWS)

Senior DevOps Engineer (AWS)
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Required experience

3 - 6 лет

Job opening

Senior DevOps DevOps


$ 5000/m - 6000/m

Job description

What you will be doing

  • Build a first class server side on top of Amazon cloud.

  • Design and implement an optimal architecture and deployment plan.

  • Work closely with the product team to achieve business goals.

  • Continually research best practices and take the best approach to common problems. Analyze, scale and evaluate tasks, define technology stack and tools.

  • Communicate with the team on project related issues and infrastructure needs.

  • Interact with internal and external product development and architecture teams to determine best practices and software requirements.

  • Make commitments, take ownership and proactively work on product delivery.

  • Plan and work through sprint requirements.

  • Participate in code reviews and release preparation.

  • Ensure security of software and user information.

Who we are looking for

  • Senior DevOps, with 5+ years of experience maintaining infrastructure and CI/CD practices.

  • Having excellent knowledge of AWS toolset.

  • With strong self-management and self-organization skills, and willing to apply best practices to achieve goals.

  • Willing to interact with engineers, designers and product teams on a regular basis.

  • Fluent in English, at B2+ level, to be able to work in an international team and be able to have fluent conversations in English with team members from all over the world.

  • Having knowledge of Python.

  • Experience in MLOps will be a plus.

  • Confident in working in the console, understanding TCP/IP, encryption, cloud infrastructure security (required by default).

We expect you to have hands-on experience with the following technologies:

  • Gitlab (SaaS & Self hosted).

  • Docker (- Kubernetes).

  • Prometheus.

  • Grafana (+ Loki).

  • AWS DynamoDB.


  • AWS Route 53.

  • AWS Amplify.

  • AWS API Gateway.

  • AWS Lambda.

  • AWS Cloudfront.

  • AWS Cognito.

  • AWS CDK (+ AWS Cloudformation).

  • Terraform.

  • Ansible.

It will be a plus if you’ve dealt with:

  • AWS SQS.

  • AWS SNS.

  • AWS AppSync.

  • SQL and NoSQL (AWS RDS/Aurora, Supabase, AWS DocumentDB).

  • Redis.

  • RabbitMQ/Kafka.

  • Highload.

  • Blue/Green deployment.

Where you’ll be

  • In a small but experienced team of like-minded people with more than one successful product under their belt.

  • We’re fully remote, so be wherever you’re comfortable and convenient.

What we offer

  • Work in a distributed cool and skilful team.

  • Actively participate in the creation of a new powerful product from scratch, the opportunity to influence the processes.

  • Salary not in rubles.

  • Medical insurance regardless of location.

  • All necessary equipment for work.

  • A schedule convenient for you, with the possibility of working with the whole team during Inita hours (crossing at least 2-3 hours on NET).

  • Working on a Remote First basis.

  • In the current realities, mandatory relocation from Russia. We do not tie people to a specific location, but we provide support for relocation to Montenegro, Germany and Turkey.

  • AWS
  • Docker
  • RabbitMQ
  • Redis
  • Git
  • Terraform
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
AWS Docker RabbitMQ Redis Git Terraform Prometheus Grafana