Head of Product Analytics

Head of Product Analytics
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Required experience

6 - 9 лет

Job opening

Senior Product Analytics Analyst

Job description

We are looking for a Head of Product Analytics.

What majour impact should this role make on the company in the long term?
The meaning of this position is to provide business with high-quality support when making decisions based on data. This position also implies the organization of processes that allow stakeholders to quickly detect and fix problems on products, as well as processes that allow you to detect product growth points.

Areas of responsibility:

  • the process of evaluating the results of publications, including experiments;

  • the process of analyzing the causes of critical deviations in sales;

  • the process of testing hypotheses from business units;

  • the process of assessing the potential effects of the road map task;

  • the process of searching for product growth points.

We expect from you:

  • Lead position in technology campaign for 5 years or more, preferable in analytics;

  • Experience managing a team of at least 10 people;

  • Experience in cross-functional collaboration;

  • Confident knowledge of mathematical statistics and probability theory. Experience in the applied application of mathematical statistics, especially in the evaluation of experiments;

  • Understanding the principles of building hypotheses;

  • Knowledge of the basics of digital marketing, experience with unit economics of products;

  • Knowledge of database principles, including relational ones. Experience in writing database queries;

  • Ability to use BI tools and the possibility of data self-service.

What we offer:

  • REMOTE OPPORTUNITY to work full time;

  • 7 wellness days per year (time off) that can be used to deal with household issues, to lie down and recover without taking sick leave;

  • Bonuses up to $5000 for recommending successful applicants for positions in the company;

  • Full payment for professional training, international conferences and meetings;

  • Corporate discount for English lessons;

  • Health benefits. If you are not eligible for Corporate Medical Insurance, the company will compensate up to $1000 gross per year per employee according to the paychecks. This can be spent on self-purchase of health insurance, or on doctor’s fees for yourself and close relatives (spouse, children);

  • Workplace organization. The company provides all employees with an equipped workplace and all the necessary equipment (table, armchair, wifi, etc.) in the locations where we have offices or co-working. In the other locations, the company provides reimbursement of workplace costs up to $ 1000 gross once every 3 years according to the paychecks. This money can be spent on the rent of the co-working room, on equipping the working place at home (desk, chair, Internet, etc.) during those 3 years;

  • Internal gamified gratitude system: receive bonuses from colleagues and exchange them for time off, merch, team building activities, massage certificates, etc.

  • Leadership Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • BI tools
Leadership Skills Analytical Skills BI tools