Fundraise Up

About company

We make a fundraising platform called Fundraise Up. It’s the most convenient and fastest way to donate money to a nonprofit. We invent ways to speed up downloads, increase conversion rates, accept payment in different ways, etc. Every month, people from all over the world donate tens of millions of dollars through our platform.
The largest non-profit organizations in the world use our solution to raise money. For example, UNICEF, the most famous international UN foundation, does all online fundraising on our platform. Barack Obama, the Alzheimer’s Research Association and many others do the same. Our rating on the most popular review platform is 4.9 out of 5.

We operate in the enterprising segment. Our clients are located all over the world, but our main concentration is in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

Job openings
Fundraise Up
Senior Node.js (TypeScript) Backend Developer (6-9 years of experience)
  • Fundraise Up

  • 2500 - 2500 $ / month