Senior Node.js (TypeScript) Backend Developer

Senior Node.js (TypeScript) Backend Developer
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Required experience

6 - 9 лет

Job opening

Senior Backend SW Developer


$ 2500/m - 4500/m

Job description

Why we recommend

  • We are building a strong team of people with burning eyes. Everyone has their own experience, which they willingly share.

  • We don’t have a branching hierarchy, all people are available within a zoom call. Almost all financial statistics are open in the company, we regularly talk about how the product, sales, support, where clients and money come from, what interesting things happened, etc. are organized.

  • We believe in long term relationships and give out stock options to developers. The company is growing well - last year alone we grew metrics twice as much. If we do well, these options will turn into an amount comparable to a 10-year salary.

About the team

  • The company employs 90 people. In the New York office, marketing, sales, onboarding, and support. Remotely we make product decisions, do design and development.

  • There are 30 people working with the code every day. They are located in Thailand, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Serbia, Kazakhstan and Portugal. The language of communication is Russian. Some developers have 10-20 years of experience, but mostly 5-8 years. The median age of the product team is 28 years old.

  • The product team is small and that’s the fun of it - we don’t have “insignificant” tasks. Everything we do is important. The team is strong and that’s the fun - it’s always interesting to be surrounded by cool people who share their experience.

  • We don’t have strict division by areas of responsibility. Everyone does what they know best or what is more interesting. Colleagues will always help to find a good solution. You are welcome to ask questions and share knowledge.

  • Until now, for ideological reasons, only fullstacks worked in the company. But not so long ago we realized that some of them just don’t get out of the backend - there is already a lot of purely backend work: services, sessions, billing, communication protocols between systems, mailing lists and so on. In general, we’re not just looking for fullstacks anymore.

What to do

  • Write code.

  • Write unit tests on your own and other people’s code.

  • Maintain, fix and scale existing functionality.

  • Participate in the design of new parts of the system.

  • Do code reviews.

  • Communicate: consult with colleagues, clarify tasks, discuss functionality, throw ideas, etc.

Who we are looking for

  • We are looking for an experienced backend developer with 5+ years in the industry. It’s better if you have product development experience.

  • It’s super important to be able to keep all kinds of agreements. If you’re a creative slob and you know it, unfortunately we won’t work together even if you’re brilliant.


  • You can only work for the company outside of Russia. Therefore, you must live in another country or be willing to relocate. You can relocate to Georgia at the company’s expense. There we will help you with banks and all the legal entanglements. The bulk of the development team has settled in Tbilisi.

  • It is important to us that you feel comfortable working remotely. We usually send our employees a Macbook M1 Pro 16” and the right number of monitors. If your workplace is not organized, we will send you a desk, a comfortable chair and everything you need for productive work.

  • Fully paid co-working space if you don’t want to work from home. We help with gym and swimming pool fees, English courses and any specialized education.

  • TypeScript
  • Node.JS
  • MongoDB
  • Nest.JS
TypeScript Node.JS MongoDB Nest.JS