Backend Developer (Public API Ecosystem)

Backend Developer (Public API Ecosystem)
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Required experience

3 - 6 лет

Job opening

Middle Backend SW Developer


€ 4000/m - 8000/m

Job description

Our team

Modern cloud services go beyond fault tolerance and security to offer user-friendly tools for DevOps and developers.

No matter the automation tool, it’s built on the cloud’s API. Clouds are made up of a wide range of microservices developed by different teams, though a service following an API Gateway pattern caters to external users. It, in turn, is driven by uniform gRPC and REST interfaces, providing an additional layer of security. Teams also have a central access management point for cloud customers and new functionality.
Our team develops an ecosystem of products for interacting with cloud services: a public API, CLI, our own Terraform provider, and an SDK for popular programming languages.

Our objectives include promoting a standard approach to API design within the cloud, while also developing support tools for those guides. We work on the infrastructure and libraries making life easier for other teams and add support for their services to CLI and Terraform.

It’s a product we use alongside our clients. With that in mind, we care deeply about ease of use, transparency, and sterling documentation.

If you’ve ever encountered a counterintuitive, confusing CLI and thought you could do better, come join us. With our team, you’ll be able to work on the design for one of today’s most complex CLI tools for managing all cloud services. And you’ll be able to finally do it the right way.

You will

  • Develop the service delivering the public API, making it more flexible, secure, and efficient.
  • Improve existing developer tools.
  • Develop infrastructure for quickly delivering new service features to users via the API, CLI, Terraform, and SDK.


  • Familiarity with gRPC and REST API.
  • Knowledge of Go or willingness to transition to it.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience developing web or gRPC services.
  • Experience working with Terraform.
  • Experience coding console utilities.

  • Golang
  • gRPC