Go Backend Developer (Logging)

Go Backend Developer (Logging)
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Required experience

3 - 6 лет

Job opening

Middle Backend SW Developer


€ 4000/m - 8000/m

Job description

Our team

  • Our team is the most valuable asset that we have. Our R&D engineers and business professionals have a proven track record of using technologies to create value for other businesses. Our diverse backgrounds empower us to come up with brilliant ideas and implement them into complex IT solutions.

  • We have offices in Israel, the Netherlands, Serbia, and Germany.

  • As an employer, we provide our employees with ambitious challenges, exceptional and thoughtful colleagues, competitive compensation, and a benefits package. We strive to find the best talent, and enthusiastic self-driven individuals to achieve our common goals together in a fast-paced collaborative environment.

About the service

  • Logging is a centralized event aggregator with a web interface. The closest analogs are Grafana Loki and ElasticStack.

  • Our service is responsible for collecting and processing the logs of our customers and the cloud services themselves. An essential component of the infrastructure that digests a large load and can stretch its storage to enormous sizes.

  • Logging provides the ability to deliver and store data and manage the flow to store it in other storages, for example, in S3.

  • Because Logging is essential, it’s critical to guarantee service availability in case of disaster. It’s one of the team’s goals for all time.

  • Service is completely written in Go.


  • Develop the server side of the service.

  • Create and deploy new service components.

  • Integrate with other services. We look forward to collecting logs from all our cloud services in one place.


  • A minimum of 3 years experience in software development.

  • Working knowledge of basic data structures and algorithms, as well as the ability to evaluate their complexity.

  • Expertise in Go.

  • Responsibility and ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience developing distributed fault-tolerant high-load applications.

  • Operations experience (deploying and supporting applications in production).

  • Familiarity with similar services like ElasticSearch, Grafana Loki, Greylog, or any other SaaS logging product.

  • Golang