Senior Android Developer

Senior Android Developer
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Required experience

6 - 9 лет

Job opening

Senior Android SW Developer


€ 4000/m - 5500/m

Job description


  • Development of company’s product functionality.

  • Refactoring and optimisation of existing functionality of the company’s product.

  • Correction of detected defects in the company’s product.

  • Writing technical documentation.


  • Mastery of Kotlin for Android with practical experience.

  • Skills in application architecture development and design using Android SDK, API 23+, Material Design, Design Patterns.

  • Understanding of OOP, SOLID, parallel and multithreaded programming principles.

  • Understanding of DI principles.

  • Experience in client-server applications development.

  • Experience with Retrofit2, RxJava2 as well as Git and GitFlow.

  • Ability to see new tasks as a professional challenge rather than a challenge.

  • Teamwork orientation.

Will be a plus:

  • Experience in media application development, audio/video handling, including at a low level (we use custom solutions to record and play media content).

  • Understanding of the principles and experience in developing offline applications (the application should respond to user actions “instantly”, regardless of the availability and speed of the connection to the server).

  • Experience in writing unit tests.

  • Experience working on large projects.

  • Experience in designing, selecting optimal architecture, identifying technical risks.

What we offer

  • Complex, complex tasks.

  • Flexible development methodologies.

  • A friendly environment, democratic leadership and no excessive bureaucracy.

  • Earnings are high and official salaries with benefits.

  • Relocation option to Cyprus.

  • Kotlin
  • Git
  • Android
  • Retrofit2
  • RXjava2
  • API
Kotlin Git Android Retrofit2 RXjava2 API