Full stack Developer

Full stack Developer
  • 4 вакансий

Required experience

3 - 6 лет

Job opening

Middle Full stack SW Developer


€ 3000/m - 4000/m

Job description


The task is to create different landing pages for different advertising campaigns:

  • Web page layout: HTML + CSS + JavaScript + React.

  • Working with our company’s landing pages builder.

  • Development of new features for landing pages constructor of our company (the constructor is a few PHP-projects, for editing models of landing pages, for server-side rendering of landing pages, etc.).

  • Writing various scripts and customising landing page behaviour in JavaScript.

  • Writing PHP server-side code to support those scripts.

  • Tracking the user and collecting data about the user’s behaviour on the pages using both standard means, such as Yandex Metrika, and custom JavaScript scripts sending the data to our custom backend.

  • Optimization of landing pages load speed on both the PHP-code and browser side.

  • Compatibility of landing pages with a wide range of browsers and devices.

  • Optimisation of browser redirects between different landing pages.

  • Use of the browser development console to analyse page load speeds and JavaScript execution.

  • Using the browser development console to verify that the data received from and sent to the backend is handled correctly.

To learn

  • The basic principles of Internet marketing.

  • The various traffic buying and monetisation schemes used in a campaign.
    What user data is collected and how it is processed to improve user monetization, monetization techniques used in campaigns.

  • How standard Volume trackers and marketing data collection systems like Yandex Metrics work.

  • Principles of marketing data analysis.


  • Good knowledge of basics of web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP protocol, cookies).

  • Knowledge of basic browser fundamentals (HTML page rendering stages, JavaScript and DOM-tree interaction).

  • Good knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript.

  • Good knowledge of PHP.

  • Good knowledge of SQL.

Will be a plus:

  • Knowledge of React.

  • Knowledge of a common PHP framework: Symfony, Laravel.

  • Knowledge of any ORM framework for PHP, e.g. Doctrine.

  • Possession of means of building PHP and JavaScript-projects: PHP Composer, Webpack, Gulp, NPM.

  • Experience using the debugging tools provided by the browser development console.

We offer

  • Relocation package for you and your family.

  • Health insurance.

  • Quarterly bonus and annual bonus.

  • 5 additional days off per year.

  • Hybrid work schedule.

  • Compensation for vocational training.

  • 8 English lessons each month at company expense.

  • Access to MyBook.

  • Benefit cafeteria, where you can choose something interesting for you (from airfare to paying for childcare).

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • PHP
  • SQL
JavaScript TypeScript PHP HTML/CSS SQL