Senior С++ Developer

Senior С++ Developer
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Required experience

6 - 9 лет

Job opening

Senior Backend SW Developer


€ 4000/m - 9000/m

Job description


  • We expect you to work on the database core which is written in C++.

  • You will be improving the existing replication protocol to make it fault-tolerant.

  • And tamper-proof.

  • You would also work on improving our query language to compile with llvm to a WebAssembly runtime.

  • And in addition, you’ll be building an actor model based on user-space sackful green threads.


  • 5-6 years of C++ experience is required. Though if you have experience with C, it also counts.

  • You’d also need at least 3 years of experience building server-side software, which works.

  • Over the network and is either multithreaded or async.

  • Knowledge of database internals such as MVCC, commit logs, query optimization, index structures, and others would be beneficial.

  • Alternatively, we would value experience with any critical stateful services.


  • We pay well.
  • “No corporate bullshit” culture.

  • You are free to work remotely from the location of your choice, or in our office in Limassol.

  • We provide health insurance and pay for your hardware setup.

  • If you need it, we help with relocation.

  • C++
  • MVCC