Senior Frontend Web Developer

Senior Frontend Web Developer
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Required experience

3 - 6 лет

Job opening

Senior Frontend SW Developer


€ 2300/m - 3700/m

Job description

What you will do

  • Develop and support cloud solutions for remote, collaborative and distributed work for companies from different locations (B2B and B2C). Main project:

  • Develop web-client (React.js, Mobx, TypeScript, CSS), embed external (developed in our company) applications into web-client (WebAssembly), work with 3D graphics (WebGL).

  • Participate in server infrastructure design (the whole team is involved in DevOps processes).

  • Conduct cross Code Review.

  • Document the architecture of implemented solutions.


  • Experience developing commercial web applications in JS (React.js experience is desirable). A portfolio of completed projects is a must, with an indication of the extent of your involvement.

  • Experience with teamwork.

  • Understanding and use of application design patterns.

  • Experience with HTML / CSS layout.

  • Understanding of API architecture and protocols (TCP / UDP, HTTP, REST, WebSockets).

Would be a plus:

  • Understanding of the business side of development, ability to speak the same language with the customer.

  • Experience of working on highly loaded projects.

  • Higher technical education (IT, physics / math, engineering, or related fields).

What we offer

  • Registration in accordance with the norms of the Labor Code, all wages are fully official (“white”).

  • In the future it is possible to work in one of our offices in India (Surat) or in Finland (Tampere).

  • In the office there is coffee, tea and food in the fridge.

After passing the probationary period:

  • Volumetric VHI package including dental.

  • Overtime pay. We are convinced that quality and timely rest - an important condition for effective work; but if you choose to work overtime - it will be paid at an increased rate.

  • Partial (50%) payment for sports (fitness).

  • Opportunity to attend specialized courses at the company’s expense.

  • Paid corporate vacation (fully for employees and partially for their family members). It is an accepted tradition when the whole company goes on vacation. The decision on corporate vacation is made by the company’s Board of Directors. Employee participation is possible with 1 year of work experience in the company after successful completion of the probation period or by decision of the board of directors.

  • Bonuses from the sales of the product(s), linked to the commercial success of the performance, for employees with 3 years of service in the company or more.

  • JavaScript
  • REST
  • WebSockets
JavaScript HTML/CSS REST WebSockets TCP/UDP