Senior Frontend / Software Engineer

Senior Frontend / Software Engineer
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Required experience

6 - 9 лет

Job opening

Senior Frontend SW Developer


€ 400/m - 6500/m

Job description

We use:

  • TypeScript 4.6.

  • React 18, MUI components, Pixi for drawing graphics.

  • We describe components with modular CSS.

  • MobX-State-Tree, pure MobX, Redux.

  • Web-application is built with Next.js.

  • Backend for Frontend we write in Node.js (Express.js).

  • We use Postgres to store what we need.

  • Communication with the Backend is done using WebSocket.

Main tasks

  • Designing the architecture and API components that need to be created or modified.

  • Searching and making decisions regarding technical implementation of components, both Frontend and Backend (services, database).

  • Development of web-application on React.js.

  • Backend development for Frontend (BFF) application on Node.js.

  • Database (Postgres) development for Frontend application.

  • Working on improving the performance of the existing application.

  • Writing automated tests to check the correctness of components: Unit, Integration, E2E.

  • Creating Docker containers for components, describing deployment configuration in Kubernetes cluster.

  • CI/CD configuration.

  • Reviewing code and design documents of other team members.

  • Interacting with users (traders, analysts, backend developers) to clarify requirements and better solution.

What skills are required

  • OOP/software design principles/design patterns.

  • Systems thinking.

  • Understanding of the development process from both technical and organizational perspectives.

  • Understanding of architectural principles used in web application development: MVVM/Redux.

  • Understanding of BEM/component approach.

  • Application Testing (Jest).

  • Optimizing web applications, understanding how the browser works, being able to profile the application in terms of performance.

  • Understanding of things like mission, principles, goals, standards and how to use them.

  • Intrinsic motivation to build a high quality product and achieve high results.

  • Problem solving through suggestions.

  • Proficiency at a high level in one of the following languages: TypeScript/Python/Java/Kotlin.

  • Mastery of one of the libraries: React/Vue/Angular 2+/Flutter.

  • Basic skills in working with relational DBMS.

We offer

  • Working shoulder to shoulder with top-notch engineers, mathematicians and our funders, who are still actively involved in the work on an equal footing with the team.

  • Opportunity to increase your income level: every half a year we have a review, according to the results of which you can receive a bonus equal to your annual salary and more.

  • An impressive set of benefits: flexible social package, corporate cab, partial compensation for housing near the office, support for relocation and paid business trips to European offices.

  • Modern equipment and software in production, new powerful hardware and everything necessary for comfortable work.

  • A wide range of interesting tasks, no tight deadlines/pressure from above and plenty of opportunities to realize your own ideas.

  • TypeScript
  • PostgreSQL
  • React
  • Node.JS
  • next.js
  • CSS
TypeScript PostgreSQL React Node.JS next.js CSS