Kotlin Backend Developer (Core Product)

Kotlin Backend Developer (Core Product)
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Required experience

3 - 6 лет

Job opening

Senior Backend SW Developer


€ 5000/m - 6000/m

Job description


  • Organizing the uninterrupted distribution of individual push notifications to users at tens of thousands per second (scaling of sending, distributed caches).

  • Implementing complex product experiments: on-the-fly image processing, feed formation processes.

  • Ensuring the stability and fault tolerance of the entire backend (this includes service mesh integration: client-side request balancing, service discovery, circuit breaker, end-to-end tracing, and graceful degradation).

  • Optimization of work with databases and queues.

What we will be expecting from you

  • Extensive experience in backend development in Kotlin + MongoDB + Spring Framework.

  • You love to write clean code, use the DDD approach, and follow SOLID principles.

  • Sense of humor.

  • Required work experience: 3–6 years.

We offer

  • Office in Limassol (Cyprus).

  • Relocation package and visa support, opportunity to become an EU citizen.

  • Health insurance after probation.

  • Powerful and fast hardware, Apple devices.

  • Child’s birth and birthday bonuses.

  • Monthly budget for team building and corporate events.

  • Free breakfasts and lunches with a wide choice of dishes.

  • AWS
  • PHP
  • Spring Boot
  • Kotlin
  • MongoDB
AWS PHP Spring Boot Kotlin MongoDB