Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer
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Required experience

3 - 6 лет

Job opening

Senior Full stack SW Developer


€ 3500/m - 4500/m

Job description

Time zone

(GMT+2) Vilnius, Lithuania.

  • 4+ years of experience of Web development.

  • Intermediate in English.

Required knowledge of

  • PHP — popular frameworks, libraries, etc.

  • JavaScript.

  • TypeScript.

  • Popular frameworks and libraries (at least jQuery).

  • ECMAScript 6.

  • CSS.

  • Data — SQL (SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, …), Memcached, Redis, MongoDB, Message Queues.

  • 2D and 3D graphics (for example Canvas, WebGL, OpenGL, …).

  • Supporting technologies — REST, JSON, XML, HTML, Git, Protobuf.

  • Payment systems / APIs (PayPal, Stripe, Apple / Google payment processing, …).

  • How to write clean and maintainable code.

  • Best practices in security, performance, memory management, maintainability, data structure.

  • Good understanding of server infrastructure, web protocols (HTTP, Web Sockets, …).

  • Ecosystem.

Nice to have:

  • Understanding of mathematics, geometry.

  • Understanding of Russian or Lithuanian languages.

  • Some knowledge of Laravel, Symfony, Doctrine, AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.js, LESS, SASS, Bootstrap, etc.

Character requirements:

  • Should like your job.

  • Great communication and analytical skills.

  • Wish to learn, use and understand new technologies.

  • Passionate about software development and striving for the newest technologies.

  • Has hobbies related to technologies (programming, microcontrollers, 3D printing, physics, mathematics, …).

  • Should be able to understand tasks, and express himself to others (essentially to properly communicate in our team).

What we offer

  • Attractive compensation. Our goal is to ensure that our team members are financially comfortable, and we are open to any salary negotiations.

  • Balance of freedom and responsibility in the position. We believe in empowering our team members and allowing them to take ownership of their work. We won’t micromanage, and instead trust our team to operate independently.

  • Investment in education and training. We support the professional development of our team members and are willing to allocate funds toward their training expenses.

  • Company-provided computer equipment.

  • Paid Time Off. Around 40 days of yearly vacation time.

  • Additional perks such as discounts on car rentals, coworking spaces, work management tools, and immigration support.

  • The flexibility to work from anywhere in the world through remote means.

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • PHP
  • Redis
  • SQL
  • MongoDB
  • REST
  • CSS
JavaScript TypeScript PHP Redis HTML/CSS SQL MongoDB REST CSS